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Cannabis & Meditation – An Explorer’s Guide’
By Simon Jackson
Although cannabis has been used for thousands of years to help
promote altered states and experiences of transcendence, up until now there
has been no literature to help you use it in this context. Simon Jackson’s
fascinating book simply and concisely details a range of techniques from
the Eastern traditions that are indispensable to anyone wanting to explore
consciousness happily and safely – with or without the use of cannabis. The
Explorer’s Guide contains everything from how to reduce cannabis tolerance
and avoid dope anxiety to a complete meditation primer, the first and only book of its kind.

  • What to do on the way up (and what not to do)
  • How to avoid ‘dope anxiety’
  • Pressure points that can be used to gain natural highs
  • Meditation techniques using sound and visualisations
  • Avoid Green Outs
  • Coping with a bad high
  • A range of proven esoteric techniques to take your high to new heights!A must for every cannabis user.
  • Paperback: 208 pages, 6 illustrations.
  • ISBN-10: 0955385318
  • ISBN-13: 978-0955385315
  • Available in print and PDF formats at: http://headstuffbooks.com/titles/cannabis_and_meditation
    “…It’s not flakey; you won’t feel like you’re reading “New Age,” neo-pagan, crystal-laden, vegan propaganda… If you’re serious about exploring the annals of your consciousness without dropping anything harder than a brownie, this is the book for you…”
    Skunk Magazine, Issue 4. 2007
    “…Starting out with a very poignant teaching from the Buddhist Kalama Sutra, this book is intended for anyone seeking further spiritual enlightenment from the use of the divinitory herb. Simply a fascinating read and a real eye-opener!

    This book I am sure will fascinate and educate. Volume 1 looks at, in some depth, techniques of meditation and visualisation, the book further hopes that its readers will gain good ground within their own quest of self-awareness and deep understanding.
    …A well written book and a subject rarely tackled is tackled so beautifully here!…”
    Weed World, issue 70, 2007
    “…A must have for every toker for sure!”
    Rob Griffin, 420 Magazine.

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