‘Brainworks – Meditation & Mind-Hacks For Creatives’ – Info’ & Reviews

‘Brainworks – Meditation & Mind-Hacks For Creatives’

By Simon Jackson

Learn simple techniques to overcome the mental and physical stresses that prevent creativity.

Using modern Mind-Hacks and techniques from the Eastern meditation traditions, ‘Brainworks’ is a powerful answer to modern stresses, written particularly for those who rely on their creativity on a daily basis.

Creatives, those employed in every field from computer programming to journalism and engineering, can be so locked into their working mind-state that they find it impossible to let go of it at home. Unable to relax, their productivity and health eventually suffer, and the possibility of career burnout looms ever larger.

Simon Jackson provides a clear understanding of the way constant creativity can adversely impact the imaginative mind, and offers simple methods of overcoming these effects. Brainworks is the first book to show not only how to cope with stress and still maintain a busy lifestyle, but also how to get more out of your free time too.

  • Relax, quickly and effectively
  • Distance yourself from stressful situations
  • Avoid creative burn-out
  • Feel healthier, happier and more creative
  • Generate real confidence on cue
    182 pages, 4 illustrations 
    PDF ISBN – 0-9553853-2-6 & 978-0-9553853-2-2
    PRINT ISBN – 0-9553853-3-4 & 978-0-9553853-3-9


    “…All 15 chapters provide something new, relating topics such as The Loop, showing creatives how to overcome prevarication, seeing creativity in new terms as a flow of interlinked ideas…an enthralling read…”

    Advanced Photoshop Magazine – Issue 42



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