Headstuff Books is an independent publisher based on the Isle of Wight, one of the nicest Islands that make up the United Kingdom (at least we think so).

We specialise in books concerned with the inner machinations of the mind: consciousness, reality, brain training – ‘headstuff’ if you will. Subjects such as meditation (with and without the use of recreational drugs), NLP, entheogens, reality and enlightenment are tackled in a plain, easy-to-read style.

The people behind Headstuff Books have many years’ experience in publishing print and digital media. In past lives we have worked on videogames, magazines, books (as authors for other publishers), software applications, PR, digital art and stage magic.

We enjoy working with our authors to produce succinct, down-to-earth titles that dispense with the usual waffle. There is no requirement to dress in orange, chant or keep a special crystal in your sock. Read our books and change your reality!


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